There is a lot of confusion regarding pressure washing vs power washing.  You can also  find many questions regarding pressure washing before painting.  Understanding the differences and the reasons are important in both instances.

Differences Between Pressure and Power Washing

While power washing and pressure washing are often used interchangeably, they actually have different meanings.  Power washing uses heated water.  The water is not heated in a pressure washer.  

When used by a professional, pressure washing is very beneficial for the exterior of your home.  

Power washing is great for cars, concrete driveways, and patios.  The heated water helps to loosen dirt on these types of surfaces and makes the job easier.

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Pressue Washing Before Painting

Most quality painting companies pressure wash as a part of a good prep work routine for exterior painting.  Professional painters know the right pressures and angles to take with the pressure washer so as not to cause damage.  If the water pressure is too strong or “focused” it can actually damage siding.   Incorrect angles can get under the substrate causing moisture problems.

Pressure washing before painting provides a clean slate on which to apply exterior paint.  This clean surface assures good adhesion and bonding of the paint to the surface.  A professional painter understands the critical importance of a clean surface for the longevity of the paint.

Yearly Maintenance For Exteior Paint

A necessary yearly maintenance item, once your home is painted, is pressure washing.  If dirt and other substances are not washed away each year, the result can be damaged paint. The ideal time to pressure wash is during good weather. Sometime between spring and fall is best.  

Most professional painting companies are happy to discuss their prep work routine for painting the exterior of your home.  They should be very up front about what you get with their pricing. This should always include pressure washing before painting.

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