Wood Staining

Longmont Paint Pals Stains and Finishes

Longmont Paint Pals specializes in a variety of solid body stains that are sure to keep your project protected and looking great! We decided to no longer use semi-transparent stains for number of reasons. The biggest reason is the oil-based version, which in our opinion is the best kind, is not environmentally friendly. Furthermore it is unhealthy to use on a regular basis and can cause major health issues for our painters. We have found that solid color stains offer much more benefits that semi-transparent, such as less maintenance and more protections, therefor we only use solid color stain.

Stains are much different that paints and provide protection by soaking deeper into the material rather than providing an outer surface layer like paints do.

Surface preparation for stains varies depending on the situation.  Often, stained surfaces require an overall power wash to remove dirt and grime and followed up with sanding the bad spots.

In some situations, it’s required that we remove as much of the existing stain as possible using strippers and sometimes extensive sanding is required.

After all basic prep work has been completed the finish coat is applied.  The final finish coat can be applied either with the use of brushes, rollers or sprayers.  Longmont Paint Pals usually recommends brushing and rolling stains to press and soak the material into the surface. After everything has been completed, we then do a walk through inspection with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Process

  • To obtain proper adhesion, we power wash all surfaces. For wood surfaces that are either sun-beaten or have been in the shade where mold or mildew is present, we add a cleaning solution to the pressure wash.
  • Normally the prep work for a stained surface is minor, but sometimes scraping and sanding is required. .
  • The next step is to mask all surfaces that are not to be stained such as door handles, electrical outlets, downspouts etc. We then put down drop cloths over everything that may be at risk of getting stain on it.  After this has been done, our experienced painters will apply the stain, typically with the use of brushes and rollers. Once the stain has been applied, we walk around the building to make sure nothing was missed, and all surface areas have a consistent finish.

Quality Products

Our preferred product manufacturers include Sherwin Williams, Diamond Vogel, and Behr. We highly recommend these vendors, as they offer higher quality solid body stains. They have a proven track record in offering high durability, excellent coverage, and lasting protection.

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