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Interior of a Living room. Painting in Longmont, CO

Thinking about updating the color of your kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps your full interior? Call Longmont Paint Pals to provide you with a fantastic interior paint job.  We always focus on attention to detail and always properly mask all your trim, floor, electrical outlets etc, to provide a quality paint job that you will be proud of.

Very similar to our exterior painting process, interior painting can be broken down into three main stages including prep and masking, body application, and trim application.


  • Preparation for painting an interior in Longmont, CO. Before Longmont Paint Pals does any painting, we take the time to ensure an organized and properly masked work environment.  We take time to carefully remove your precious wall hangings, and place them in a safe place. We also  ensure that unpainted surfaces are completely covered and free from unwanted paint.


  • For consistent paint coverage we remove all wall plates, hangings, and mask electrical outlets.  We also make sure all trim and floor coverings are covered as well.


  • Cleaning the interior of a Longmont home before painting. To ensure a proper paint adhesion, we prepare every surface by removing any dirt or debris from the wall.  It is critical to have a surface that is absent of foreign particles, so that the paint has a quality surface to adhere to for longevity.


  • Longmont House Painting preparation.Any unsecured existing paint is scraped and sanded down, and then primed to provide a quality adhesion surface for the new paint.  We always make sure that any wall cracks, or any other imperfections are eliminated, prior to paint application. We also repair damaged walls and texturing as needed.


  • After all masking, and surface preparation has been completed, we apply the finish paint coat.   We can apply the paint with the use of brushes, rollers or airless sprayers depending on what you desire, and what is best solution for the situation.  In most cases we suggest rolling the finish coat.  This results in  a quality interior paint job.


  • Once the wall or ceiling application is completed, we then come back and trim the base boards and molding using brushes, and perform touch up where necessary. When the job has been completed, we always take our customer to do a “walk around”, to make sure they are completely satisfied with the quality of work.

Longmont Paint Pals offers multiple painting and staining services. Contact us today to speak with one of our painting contractors to get started on your painting project today!

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