Choosing colors to paint your home can be an overwhelming task. It’s difficult to pick when there are so many color choices and combinations.  Is hiring a color consultant necessary?  Here we will give some tips and things to think about so you can decide if the cost is right for you.

What Is A Color Consultant?

There are many who claim to be consultants, but only a few who have actual training and background to be a true Color Consultant.  A true Color Consultant is typically a person who has a degree in interior design or similar.  It also can be a person one who has taken courses and has proven understanding of color theory, color psychology, and design elements. 

Most professional painting companies have employees who can help with color selection but technically do not employ an actual Color Consultant.  Therefore, the question becomes, “Is hiring a color consultant necessary?”.

Is A Color Consultant Necessary

What Does A Color Consultant Cost?

A Color Consultant can be expensive. Fees can range from $100 – $500 depending on the services provided.  It’s best to find a Color Consultant that lives nearby if possible.  If they are local, they have typically worked with your local HOA’s and can assist with their requirements as well as help with color selection.  

What Does A Color Consultant Do?

The true Color Consultant can educate you on the psychology of the colors you are considering along with how they fit into the design elements of your home.  There is a tremendous amount of published research out there regarding the psychology of color.  Color Consultants have also studied color theory and understand how colors work with, and against each other.  These are the services you can expect when trying to decide the answer to “Is hiring a color consultant necessary?”.

Other Options

You may decide you won’t need that in depth of a consultation.  Therefore, you won’t need to go to the expense of hiring a Color Consultant.  There are plenty of online tools to help you “visualize” colors on your home.  A few of these tools are: Sherwin Williams ColorSnap, Behr ColorSmart, or the PPG color visualizer tool.  These great sites allow you to “virtually paint” your home in different colors to visualize what the colors look like on YOUR home.

Your Professional Painter Can Help

Further, reputable painting companies typically have before and after photos of homes they’ve painted with the colors listed.  While you won’t be seeing your specific home, these photos can give you a great idea of what a certain color looks like painted on the body or trim of a home.  These painters are also good sounding boards for what colors they’ve seen look good together on your style of home.

In the end, the question of “Is hiring a color consultant necessary?” must be answered by you.  For some, this in depth consultation is worth the price paid.  For others, these online tools along with some expert, free consultation from your painter is enough.

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