Paint splatters are an issue whether you’re doing the painting yourself, or you’ve hired a professional painter.  Splatters and spills are inevitable and are part of the gig with painting!  Therefore it’s important to have protection against paint splatters and know what tools are available.  

There are many items on the market to protect your home and furniture while painting.  Carpet protection film, plastic drop cloths and tarps, canvas drop cloths, and thick paper board are a few options.  Other great time savers are a masking tape and paper dispenser, and pre-taped masking film.  In this article we’ll show you some good solutions when it comes to protection against paint splatters.

Avoid Paint Splatters

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are of course a very common item used when painting.  However there are different types and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  

Carpet Protection Film

Carpet protection film is a very strong, sticky film that can be temporarily adhered to carpet. This film is also often used by movers to protect carpeted stairs during a move.  The entire width of the film sticks to the carpet. However, you would not want to adhere this film to tile, wood, or laminate flooring.  The strong adhesive may pull the finish off anything other than carpet.

Plastic Drop Cloths

Plastic drop cloths are great to cover furniture in a room but not the best to put on the floor.  Paint on plastic can become very slippery causing an unsafe work environment. Additionally, paint spills take a long time to dry on the plastic which means more chances of tracking it onto flooring.  

Plastic Tarps

Large Plastic tarps are typically used for exterior painting.  They are good to cover shrubbery, grills, and outdoor areas for protection against paint splatters.  

Canvas Drop Cloths

Canvas drop cloths are typically the number one choice for painters covering floors while painting the interior of a home.  The canvas won’t blow around and absorbs the paint without letting it bleed through to the flooring.  These cloths can also be washed and used again and again, making them very eco-friendly.

Paper Board

Paper board is a stronger material that protects floors during construction projects.  It’s usually not used for a standard interior paint job unless there is additional construction happening.   The stronger paper board, or Ram Board, can stand up to scaffolding and heavy ladders.

Masking/Paper Dispensers & Pre-Taped Sheeting

Finally, if time and ease of completion are important to you, both a masking tape and paper dispenser, and pre-taped sheeting are critical. For protection against paint splatters, these tools are a must have. 

Masking Tape & Paper Dispenser

A masking tape and paper dispenser allows you to apply masking tape and paper at the same time.  It is typically used to quickly mask off trim and ceilings. 

Pre-Taped Masking Film

Pre-taped masking film is simply plastic sheeting with masking tape on one side.  It works great when you’re painting a ceiling in a bathroom because you can mask at the top of the wall, then pull down the plastic sheeting to cover the medicine cabinet, sinks, toilet, shower stall, etc.  Think of it as “tenting” everything under the top edge of the wall for protection against paint splatters.  

Protecting your home from unwanted paint splatters and spills not only saves on repair costs, but also saves time in the long run.  Taking the time to cover and properly mask off areas is the best protection against paint splatters.  If you’ve covered everything, you won’t have the clean up and repair later.  Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas for tools to accomplish this important task.

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