Apartment Painting

When you hire out painting services for a multi-unit residential complex, you want to work with professionals who know the importance of treating your tenants with respect and who are highly skilled so as to complete the job efficiently and with minimal disruption. We at Paint Pals of Longmont understand issues such as restricted access and time constraints, which is why we are flexible with our clients’ schedules. We have gained a reputation for excellent customer service alongside the highest quality paint jobs achieved with the proper preparation that results in a long-lasting finish. Beyond the typical wear and tear, our paint jobs will hold up even in Colorado’s arid climate with extreme temperature swings and in high traffic areas; a durability backed up by our standard two-year warranty.

Whether you have newly completed apartments or condominiums that need exterior painting, several units that need interior painting completed on short notice or an older complex in need of updating, Paint Pals of Longmont is the top choice for local painting contractors.

5 Reasons to Choose Paint Pals of Longmont:

  1. Thorough preparation of surface to ensure better adhesion and longevity
  2. Ability to make minor repairs and install detail finishes
  3. Experience painting every type of surface from bricks to vinyl
  4. Color consultation to ensure curb appeal and inviting environments
  5. Professional management of the project from beginning to end

Communication with our clients is one of our uppermost priorities- we think you deserve to know what to expect and when, which is why we consult with you at key points during the process and provide regular updates of our progress along the way. Besides a detailed timeline, we also provide our clients with upfront pricing- no hidden costs will show up on your bill at the end. So whether you just need touch-ups in common areas or every building refreshed, Paint Pals of Longmont will fit your budget, stay on schedule and provide a great quality paint job that isn’t complete until our client is satisfied. Get a free estimate today!

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