Merry Christmas!

The Longmont Paint Pals would like to wish the community a merry Christmas. We know many homeowners will won’t to put Christmas lights on there homes this year to brighten up their neighborhood with some holiday spirit! Working on ladders can be dangerous so make sure you take your time and do it safe! Here are 3 easy tips to help keep you safe while hanging your lights.

1) To achieve optimal stability and safety for every 4 feet the ladder is going up the wall it should be 1 foot away from the wall so 12 feet up means 3 feet away from the wall.

2) Ideally the top of the ladder should be above your head while your on it, so if needed you can reach out with your hand and grab it. Never have the top of the ladder below your waist.

3) More accidents happen on the smaller A-frame ladder than the big extension ladders. You may feel more confident being closer to the ground on a smaller ladder, but be extra cautious on them. Make sure all 4 legs are on touching level stable ground. A ladder pivot or plywood can help create a level surface when working on uneven ground.

Hope this helps keep your holiday safe!

Our Favorite Paints

Here at Longmont Paint Pals we try our best not to be bias about paints and really search for the best products available to offer our customers. In Colorado Sherwin Williams is by far the easiest and best company for painting contractors to work with. The main reason for this is because Sherwin Williams paint stores are designed to work with painting contractors and homeowners, whereas the big box hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace are designed more to work with homeowners or a more generalized contractors and not necessarily just painting contractors. It is much easier to get large orders of paint quickly from Sherwin Williams than the big box hardware stores, furthermore in Colorado Sherwin Williams has many more store locations than any other paint stores so usually there is a Sherwin Williams store within 20 minutes of the painters job site. This is why if you as a homeowner in Colorado and get multiple estimates most of the painters will tell you they use Sherwin William and it is the best paint. When you actually look at paints individually and put them in 3rd party test you may find that the paints that are easiest for the contractor to use in their business aren’t always the best paints available. Our goal at Longmont Paint Pals is to educate our customers that want to be educated on paint and let the homeowner pick the paint that they want to use on their home. We also know that many customers are busy and or are not that interested in paint tech and just want their painting contractor to recommend and quality paint that is going to last. About 90% of the homes we paint we use Sherwin Williams products. Right now Sherwin Williams offers 10 different exterior paints for a typical home in Colorado. In the rest of this article we will cover 3 of there products that are most commonly sold to homeowners. We will go over an entry level product, a middle of the road product, and their top of the line Paint. We will cover them in that order.


A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex:  For those looking for the a generously priced paint we offer A-100.  This paint comes at a great value and sure to take care of the main issues.  It Covers well and comes with a 15 year warranty.  With its strong adhesion and good hide, this paint is sure to meet most expectations.  This paint is popular for those to paint and plan to eventually sell their home.

SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex:  SuperPaint is one of the most popular paint choice as you are sure to get the best “bang” for your buck.  This paint always comes through with outstanding results and awesome finishes.  It’s made with advanced resin technology for better color retention and adhesion.  Whether with a brush or use a spray gun, the paint goes on noticeably smooth.  You can not go wrong with this choice.  This paint really is Super!!

Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex:  This is Sherwin Williams’ finest paint with best in class performance.  It comes with a life-time warranty.  Prevents mildew, dirt build-up, blistering, peeling, and fading.  Its 100% acrylic technology that has exclusive cross-linking technology that took them years to develop. It provides an extremely durable thick and smooth uniform coat for a beautiful appearance.   This product is only about 5 years old, but has only delivered amazing results.  

Please don’t hesitate to call you local Longmont Paint Pal to talk about various paints and how they best fit your painting needs.


Summer painting discount

Longmont Paint Pals is offering a 10% discount for painting this summer. To get a free estimate and take advantage of this offer call Austin Boswell at 720-468-7260.