Exterior Painting

Longmont Paint Pals Exterior Painting Services

We specialize in  exterior repaints for residential homeowners, as well as commercial. We understand that this a crucial step in maintaining your home, and needs to be done right. We train our Longmont painters to paint the home as if it is their own, and make sure they are bought in on the long term vision that lasting quality paint jobs, means more business through referrals and more work for them. This is why we recommend high quality products, and why you can expect your paint job to last. You can get from five  to fifteen years out of a quality paint job, as long as your purchasing quality paint.
We are proud of our comprehensive painting process, from delivering our estimate to our final inspection walk through, our customers are always involved through daily communication, ensuring superior customer service through the project life cycle.
Here in Longmont, and Colorado in general, we have intense UV rays and extreme temperature changes throughout the year. This is hard on paint and that is why we suggest using top quality paint material. There are problem area’s on your home we call “localized failures”. This is anywhere the paint has failed in the past, we pay special attention to these area’s and treat with proper preparation prior to painting, to prevent it from becoming a problem area again.


The Prep and Painting Process

  • We power wash every exterior project.  This step removes cob webs, wasp nest, bird nest, chalking from old paint, and various debris from the surface to be painted. By doing this step you ensure the paint will form a strong bond to the surface.
  • The high power pressure wash will remove a lot of peeling paint, but we don’t stop there. The next step is to thoroughly scrape the area’s where the paint has failed to ensure that all the failing paint is removed from the substrate.
  • Sometimes pressure washing and scraping the failing area isn’t enough prep to provide lasting durability. Often, we need to sand all the bare wood on the house. This step removes old oxidized weathered wood, and opens up the pours of the wood to allow a primer to soak in, and create a strong and long-lasting adhesion to the wood. While scraping, sanding and priming,  our Longmont Paint Plas crew will also caulk all the area’s where the caulking has failed or in some cases where caulking never existed. If the gap or hole is too big for caulking,  we will use paintable joint filler materials to ensure that  there is not cracking or shrinkage.
  • Priming all bear wood is a crucial step to protecting localized failures and preventing those area’s from becoming problems spots in the future. If you want 2 coats of paint we actually recommend doing a full coat of primer, and then a finish coat of paint for the same cost, but using this process will give you a longer lasting paint job then just two coats of paint.
  • If the homeowner decides they want the body color of their home to be sprayed, the next step is to mask. We mask off all the windows, roof lines, lights, walk ways, decks, door knobs, fences, and porch furniture. This is a vital step to maintaining a clean job site.
  • Typical we apply the main base or body color to the appropriate area’s first. Second, we add trim colors to finish up the job and give it that freshly painted appearance. Ask your Longmont Paint Pal estimator how we can add multiple coats to problem area’s without increasing labor or material cost!
  •  All trim painting is performed by hand with a brush and small roller.  To ensure clean lines and a professional paint finish,  we always recommend this.  Under some circumstances, especially with  wood windows, we can  spray any trim to provide you with a very smooth finish.
  • Every day the Longmont Paint Pals lead will inspect the craftsmanship on your home with you. They will always do a final inspection of the work with you to make sure all expectation and standards have been met.